Jeremy Frazier
I am from North Carolina but currently live in China. I teach English, write, play games and listen to music. I am also the Creative Director at CGPower Qingdao (Animation and CGI) and the owner of Creamy Rat Studios. Besides Meathook Massacre I am currently working on books about Rotting Christ, Graveworm, 20+ industrial bands, and a few other metal bands that cannot be named...yet! 



Alfonso Pinedo
I was born in Zaragoza, Spain. I have always loved comics and I decided to work in the arts. I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts, but comics are my passion. I have worked on many different books like Transformers and Power Rangers and also on several projects with Jeremy. Inker, colorist, penciler...I do it all!
I live in an ancient house in Zaragoza with my lovely wife, our two cats and a crazy dog called Arya. It is a quiet place where I read my comics and books, play video games, tabletop games, role-playing games and where I fight day to day to live by my art. For art samples or just to say hi check out these links.

Daveoramma "Dave"
Not much is known about the reclusive creature known as "Daveoramma". The last male of his species, Daveoramma spends his days yelling at young people to get off his lawn. At night he has such noble pursuits as drinking, writing, reading and making weird noises. This Daveoramma is slightly more educated than the rest of his species, having attended the Art Institute of Colorado. The wild Daveoramma is both very reserved and strikingly aggressive. It is a librarian (screaming and flinging poo at bewildered people who just want a clean copy of Fifty Shades of Grey) and the lead singer/programmer of the band Society Burning! Be wary when approaching...don't stick your hand in his cage. You can listen to his insanity or attempt contact at:

Joe P.

Joe is a cheesy chimpanzee with a knack for drawing. He was raised in Malaysia's Rain Forest, he models 3D space tanks and works on websites, but he loves drawing the most. He has worked on the official Rotting Christ comic and is currently working on the official Graveworm Comic...among other secret projects. Don't hesitate to give him a banana if you're interested by Joe's work.